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Conclave of the Pirate Lords, 1641

Agenda: Establishment of a Nation State in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, under the command of the Pirate Lords

During the 17th century, in the vast expanse of the Gulf of Mexico and the sun-kissed waters of the Caribbean, a gripping drama unfolds, intertwining the destinies of nations and pirates alike. As the curtain rises on this grand theatre of piracy - ambition, fierce competition, and blood-soaked alliances will weave a tale which will be a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who seek to seize the treasures of the New World.

In a relentless pursuit of plunder, the English pirates seized control of the Fort of Tortuga, an important pirate haven in the Caribbean. Used as a point of contact for trade between the West and East, Tortuga was initially inhabited by Spanish colonists, who continue their struggle to regain control over their island. However, the English ambitions continued. Unyielding in their audacity, they also captured the Spanish Governor of Cartagena, brazenly pushing the boundaries of authority. In a testament to their might and a counter to the English, simultaneously, the French have laid claim to Tortuga’s Fortress of De Rocher, sparking a flame of enmity with their English and Spanish compatriots. As their triumph echoes through the winds, the English and French now compete for control and power over this pirate haven for themselves.

Amidst this, an audacious group of pirate lords have emerged from the shadows, their eyes gleaming with a shared vision of grandeur. Having conquered vast lands, their pockets brimming with stolen treasures, they embark upon an extraordinary endeavour—establishing a nation-state by unifying their land.

The Conclave of The Pirate Lords, set in 1641, beckons a gathering that defies convention. Within this hallowed chamber, the echoes of the waves crashing against their shores give rise to discussions on nation-building as pirates aim at assembling their land together to create this new nation governed by them. Deliberating upon the essential aspects of governance, navigating the treacherous seas of laws, justice, and a new economy, they craft the fabric upon which their nascent nation shall stand. However, as they navigate these, crises loom on the horizon, requiring unwavering resolve and ingenious solutions.

In this tale of renegades turned architects, expect the clash of ideas, ideologies and ambitions of dominance to rival the thunderous waves that crash upon their shore because as the Conclave unfurls, a power struggle rooted in the historic rivalry between the English and French, will surge. Alliances shift like the tides, and whispers of plots and promises threaten to shatter any semblance of unity. Debates will become battlegrounds as the English and French pirates, once comrades in arms, now find themselves locked in a dance of intrigue and treachery, each decision impacting the delicate balance of power.

Yet, amidst the swirling currents of ambition, there exists the potential for a fragile détente—an opportunity for these rivals to find common ground. For in their unity lies the promise of a new nation - a legacy woven into the fabric of a land forged by rivalry, adorned with aspirations, and bound by the tides of destiny.

Letter from the Director

“Pirates plunder the rich under the cover of their own courage.”

- Blackbeard

Dear Delegates,

It is my distinct honour and privilege to welcome you to the 27th Session of the Cathedral Model United Nations. A super specialised committee, the Conclave of the Pirate Lords strikes a perfect balance between fast-paced, fiery debate that is catalysed by communiques and intricate legislation of solutions to solve two main problems: the abolition of the Spanish forces from the western hemisphere and the establishment of a Nation-State in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, under the command of the Pirate Lords.

Following the capture of the Fort of Tortuga by the English buccaneers and the French’s control over Fort De Rocher, a power imbalance was created between both the pirate clans. Set in 1641, the Conclave of the Pirate Lords showcases adversaries joining forces in an attempt to remove a common foe, the Spanish and the Portuguese. Both clans, even after sharing animosity toward each other decided to join forces, unionise their territory, and attempt to overthrow their enemy from their primary stronghold located in Hispaniola. However, with the insurmountable power both clans have after joining forces, a handful of problems must be solved. Who shall be the ruler of this ‘pirate country’? Will there be a common currency? Who would be in charge of trading? And the list of unanswered questions goes on. This power divide has left both clans to put their selfish immoral greed over and above anything else. With the machiavellian stance of doing whatever it takes to become the king, each lord is left to fend for only themselves. In light of these recent events, this conclave has convened for its delegates to deliberate upon and answer all the aforementioned questions and more.

In this committee, as Pirate Lords, you are expected to balance a plethora of tasks, with each seemingly important at this point in time. You are expected to face the backlash from the Spanish, while simultaneously trying to unionise your territories and decide upon a ruler. Both clans continue to face opposition and violence by the Spanish forces led by Antonio Maldonado de Texeda. On a larger scale, long-term operations and future plans to expand and strengthen your strongholds, and sphere of influence cannot be ignored even amidst all the chaos. Inches away from an all-out war between the Spanish and the buccaneers, this conclave has been synchronised and coordinated in its most troublesome time.

A Year 12 ISC student, anime enthusiast, and squash player, I, Aman Nayyar, will be the Director of your committee. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music (John Mayer), playing the bass guitar, and aimlessly scrolling through Youtube.

Being my fourth and final CMUN, this conference marks the end of a long string of high school MUNs. However, I can assure you that this CMUN will be one of the best conferences you will ever attend. If I had to give you one piece of advice it would be to listen to every delegate’s point of view. While it seems quixotic, you may receive help and ideas from places you do not expect. If you have any questions or just want to introduce yourself, please email


Until August,

Aman Nayyar,
The Conclave of the Pirate Lords, 1641.


Aman Nayyar


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