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Futuristic Disarmament and International Security Committee, 2040

Agenda: Addressing the rise in global tensions due to the widespread use of intelligentised warfare

Lethally advanced weapons. AI with inconceivable power. Global tensions at a critical precipice.
Delegates, welcome to the Futuristic Disarmament and International Security Committee 2040. The development and adoption of intelligentized warfare over the past 20 years has induced diplomatic relations to crumble at a frightening pace. These weapons, armed with the immense cognitive capabilities of modern AI, aren’t limited  to battle lines. Their influence extends to cyber, spyware, space and electromagnetic domains. Their applications are worryingly limitless, and repercussions have spun the world into a virtually apocalyptic state. 
The inception of intelligentized warfare can be traced back to when China followed through on its perilous threat to take control of Taiwan, using hypersonic missiles to suppress rebellious groups. Post this, countries across the globe amplified the national integration of this warfare. 

In August 2040, India accused China of using Trojan operations. This discovery escalated tensions in the Indo-China conflict to unprecedented heights and the possibility of an all-out-war seems inevitable in the absence of skilful diplomacy. Another cause for alarm is that Africa has become a front for this warfare due to the disastrous conflict in Western Sahara, a region contested by the Algeria-based Polisario front and Morocco.

Today, as September 2040 dawns, the world is on the cusp of catastrophe. Two of the world's superpowers are at loggerheads, leaving the rest of the world subject to a complete breakdown of political relations. The dispute beckons a future of destruction; amid this chaos, how will these delegates of the DISEC defuse tensions? Will the members of this committee manage to create a framework for the regulation of this devastating innovation in weaponry?

Delegates, intelligentized warfare has changed the nature of every conflict, with each country stealthily building its capacity. Every little skirmish today has the potential to become an inferno that could destroy the world. Moreover, the humanitarian and economic implications that this form of warfare can have on countries could be devastating, and it is your obligation to resolve the threat posed by this time of intelligentization. 

Do not be fooled into thinking any kind of status quo prevails. Countries once perceived to be weaker or economically backwards now wield great power because of the development and economic prosperity they have experienced in the last seventeen years.

As delegates, you will have to keep a delicate balance between your nation’s interests and collaboration to re-establish any semblance of stability in the world. Global relations have never been as volatile, and we expect to see dynamic lobbying, well-thought-out solutions, and engaging debate. 
The state of the world is like a house of cards, precarious and one wisp away from collapsing. There is no turning back.

Letter from the Director

Dear Delegates,

It is my privilege to welcome you to the Futuristic Disarmament and International Security Committee, 2040, a General Assembly at Cathedral Model United Nations 2023. This committee will focus on potentially one of the most precarious issues of the not-so-distant future – intelligentized warfare. However, this committee will be unlike any other, as through economic development in countries once considered developing or underdeveloped as well as significant policy changes, the dynamics of this committee will be poles apart from others. The agenda of this committee is so eccentric in nature that even the most prolific delegates will have much to learn in this committee set nearly twenty years into the future. Delegates will have to navigate complex geopolitical situations with composure to avoid debilitating their countries. Critical analysis and proficient lobbying will be the most valuable tools in this futuristic simulation, as delegates may have to compromise on multiple fronts to reach an effective resolution.

My name is Jaivardhan Jain, and it is my pleasure to serve as Director of this committee. I am currently in the 12th standard at The Cathedral and John Connon School and have been participating in national and international MUNs since the 8th grade. I am a maths and computers enthusiast and am also constantly listening to music – though my music taste is still stuck in the 2010s. Whether it’s Twenty-One Pilots, Eminem or basically any 90’s and 00’s rock bands I think everything is better with music in the background. I’m a drummer and cricket and football fan too, but most of all I enjoy binging shows on Netflix and whiling away my time away doing absolutely nothing.

Regrettably, CMUN 2023 will be my fourth and last CMUN, so I wish to witness the finest level of debate and deliberation throughout the 3 days of this committee. Each country represented in this committee is of great importance to the agenda, thus I expect a high degree of involvement from every single delegation. The delicate diplomatic relations that prevail call for skilful lobbying and collaboration as the main assets of this committee. Moreover, since this committee is so far into the future, the study guide will be your best resource. I hope all delegations will take this opportunity to discuss the topic at hand with enthusiasm, while also having an enjoyable 3 days. I look forward to seeing all of you this August, as we discuss a topic that may soon be one of the most closely debated agendas.

If you have any questions regarding the committee or just wish to introduce yourself, please feel free to reach out to the Executive Board at

Until August,

Jaivardhan Jain,
Futuristic Disarmament and International Security Committee, 2040

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Jaivardhan Jain


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