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International Press Corps 

Never before, in the history of mankind, has the world of journalism seen such a surge of information. Our brains are in constant overdrive, and communication and access to information have never been easier. However, this convenience that we take advantage of may just be our downfall. Valuable information is often stuck in the sludge of clickbait and misinformation – a paradox to the supposed ease of educating oneself. The Press, therefore, is that hand that pulls the truth out of distraction and has never been more important before than today.

Universally acknowledged as ‘the fourth pillar of democracy ', the press is the fundamental medium that bridges the gap between the governing and the governed. The media serves to keep the masses educated and informed, while simultaneously holding those in power in check. Thus, the magnitude of the Press’s power is evident from its omnipresence — a characteristic that governments and for-profit media institutions use to their advantage. The media holds the power to educate and inform the masses but with the steep incline of the prevalence of political prejudice and bigotry, the authority of the Press is being abused.

News agencies have never been without bias, often succumbing to vested interest and capitalising on sensational stories. Thus, the responsibility of revitalising the Press as a beacon of truth and strength to democracy rests on the shoulders of journalists. As delegates of the IPC, you must ask yourself – will you be able to ensure you report the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth or will you fall prey to prejudice and perfidy?

Letter from the Director

Dear Delegates,

It is my greatest honour to welcome you to the 27th session of The Cathedral Model United Nations, and my pleasure to introduce you to the International Press Corps, a CMUN constant for a long time.

Our world is controlled by the word of the media, believing otherwise would be injudicious. We are all subconsciously influenced by the media in the information age, and it is up to the press to influence people’s rationale. It is only sharp words and significant phrases that control the ideology of the proletariat. The fundamental ideals of a free, independent press are to create a responsible democracy by informing, criticising and stimulating debate. But is the press today even adjacent to this ideology?

The weaponization of words by the press can serve to harm and destroy, rather than communicate and share. In countries across the globe, the media is turning into a glass of the beliefs expressed by the reigning government. In others, for-profit media associations exploit consumeristic choices, opting for the path of bias to increase profit. Either route leads to issues that are mischievous for the common person, who naturally trust their primary source of information, the mainstream media. The unethical nature of the press today has caused deep turmoil in a political world. The ever-deepening chasm between the extreme right and left-wing has created polarization, leading to catastrophes of an unsettling nature. Misinformation, disinformation, bias and the list keeps increasing day by day, hour after hour. Not every battle is fought on a battlefield, and thus we call for unity in our hunt for truth.

In most Model United Nations conferences, we see a similar structure of discourse, but the International Press Corps provides a platform to not only showcase talent for debate but also intellectual curiosity through the written word. This year we aim to make press just as exciting with a myriad of crises for debate and a stellar list of committees to investigate and write about. In Press, to reach a solution which is not jarring or detrimental to certain groups, different perspectives and cultures must be brought together, to create diversity and a more open atmosphere.

My name is Raya Poredi, and it is my pleasure to serve you as your director. My academic interests reside mostly in the quantitative sciences, mathematics and physics, but this is juxtaposed with my love for writing and poetry. I am a severe food enthusiast, and you can always count on me to give you stellar restaurant recommendations. In my free time, I love playing basketball and listening to Ap Dhillon or 1975. As this is my 5th and final CMUN, my MUN journey comes to a close. I hope to pass on the infectious joy that comes with CMUN to as many as possible, and hopefully stimulate minds to think unconventionally and enjoy the spirit of this prestigious conference. If there is anything I would want a person to take away from this conference, it would be the power to voice your opinion and write without trepidation. If you have any questions regarding the committee, please feel free to reach out to the Executive Board at

Until August.

Yours faithfully,
Raya Poredi.
The International Press Corps.

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Raya Poredi


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