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The Order of the Illuminati

Agenda: Establishment of a New World Order

“You either die a hero - or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” 


The Illuminati, a clandestine organisation shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories, has captured the imagination of many throughout history. With the dissolution of the Order of the Jesuits of Ingolstadt by Pope Clement XIV in 1773, one man amidst them all had a difference in philosophy, one man believed in a higher power, higher than God and higher than religion. One man devoted to the ideals of enlightenment and knowledge strove to achieve what no one ever had. One man took the road not taken, and that has made all the difference. Adam Weishaupt, on the 1st May 1776, founded the Bavarian Illuminati, an organisation created with the aim of establishing world dominance, a new world order, and a bureaucracy stemming not from religious ideals and beliefs, but the spirit of inquiry and scientific thinking. 


In the thick of the turmoil that permeated through Europe in the late 1770s, as the ideologies of the Jesuits spread far and wide, Weishaupt resorted to belief in the ideas of the Age of Enlightenment (Aufklärung) and set out to form a secret society of likeminded individuals. However, in the course of his conquest, against the rise in popularity of the Freemasons, setting up the society itself was a challenge. The Order of the Illuminati, led by Weishaupt embarks on an extraordinary expedition, to assert itself as the leader of the New World, infiltrate the ranks of institutions far and wide and protect the world from the multiple threats that arise during this time period. 


At the crossroads of political strife, war and power struggles, as governments engage in dispute, from the grand courts of Europe to the imperial expanses of Asia, from the confrontation of colonialism in the Indian subcontinent to the background of the revolution in America, strategic alliances, conquest and discord, form the very threads of society. Lurking in the shadows, the Illuminati will weave an intricate web of influence behind the curtain of power. As prominent individuals from various parts of the globe unite with the common vision of grandeur, each delegate must ensure that they use their sphere of influence to accomplish their individual goals, while simultaneously setting up an international authority. 


Delving into the depths of the Illuminati's historical origin, with whispered tales of secret meetings, coded symbols and puppet strings pulling the levers of global affairs, the role of the delegates is to ensure the idea of the Illuminati will capture imaginations and spark fervent speculation, in all those who question its might. Put to the ultimate test, delegates will encounter time trials, betrayals, wars and revolution throughout the course of committee, as they explore the intricate labyrinth of power, deception and intrigue. Armed with cryptic symbols and whispered secrets they will navigate the treacherous waters of manipulating events from behind the scenes to further their covert agendas. Each delegate will be given specific codenames at the beginning of committee, having access to information only about their allocation, and hour by hour, minute by minute, as they crack codes and solve riddles they will receive information on other allocations. 


Lastly, through the uncertainty and disorder, delegates will grapple with the eternal question: who truly holds the reins of power? Is it the Illuminati pulling the strings from the shadows, or individual delegates themselves acting as unwitting pawns in a grander scheme, or driven solely by personal gain? Ultimately, as committee progresses, delegates will come to see that power lies not in the hands of the Church, monarchs, heads of state or even governments - be they democracies or dictatorships. True power lies in the shadows where the Illuminati lurks.

Letter from the Director

Dear Delegates, 


It is my privilege to welcome you to the 28th Session of the Annual Cathedral Model United Nations, and to the Order of The Illuminati, 1776, a specialised committee that guarantees you a weekend of fast-paced, challenging, and unpredictably exciting debate. The OTI is a specialised body that represents highly accomplished artists, leaders, scientists and soldiers. They are united in their goal to establish a desperately required, new World Order. I am excited to keep you all on your toes and watch you discuss big ideas through nuanced perspectives, ultimately creating powerful, long-lasting solutions and a new way forward. 


With the dissolution of the Order of the Jesuits of Inglodstadt, amidst their ranks arose a man with an idea to create a clandestine organisation, based not on unempirical theories and beliefs, but on intellect and knowledge. Adam Weishaupt began plotting against the Jesuits and the Freemasons, another secret society existing parallelly to the Illuminati. With tensions increasing across the world, governments falling out of power and revolutions being undertaken, the Illuminati seeks to assert itself against the background of a world amidst crisis and conflict. 


Throughout the course of committee, delegates will face time trials, encoded messages, riddles and betrayals, as they seek to set up an intricate web of influence behind the curtains of power. Unbeknownst to each other's identities, at the beginning of committee, delegates must take upon themselves the burden of who to trust. As the committee progresses, they must decode encrypted messages and solve clues, allowing them to really understand that knowledge is power and gain access to the identities of others. Armed with cryptic symbols, delegates will navigate the treacherous waters of manipulating the events from behind the scenes. They will then realise that power lies not in the hands of Kings or Dictators, of the Church or the Oligarchs, but in the darkness, where lies the Illuminati. 


Before I leave you – let me introduce myself. My name is Nyah Gauri Bhat, and I am a Year 12 Student in the IBDP at the Cathedral and John Connon School. When I am not looking for the best cupcakes or soft serves in Mumbai at unearthly hours, I enjoy coding for climate change, horseback riding, making noise on the piano or incessantly hitting at the Tabla, and will sing anything, from Disney songs to Indian Classical! I would be more than happy to chat with you all about anything – don’t be afraid to reach out at


Until August, 

Nyah Bhat, 

The Order of The Illuminati, CMUN 2024.


Nyah Bhat


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